The Story of the Beauty and the Beast East of the Sun and West of the Moon Zezolla, The Cat Cinderella
Front Cover - Talia, the Sleeping Beauty Front Cover - Snow White (First Edition) Front Cover - Persinette, the Maiden in the Tower
Front Cover - Tom Tit Tot & Sequel Gold-Tree & Silver-Tree Assipattle & The Mester Stoorworm
Front Cover - Cendrillon and the Glass Slipper The Singing, Springing Lark - First Edition

Front Cover - Nutcracker and Mouse King

Front Cover - Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp Front Cover - The Little Mermaid (Unabridged) Front Cover - Sinderela, The Little Cinder Girl
Front Cover - Fair, Brown and Trembling Front Cover - The Snow-White Maiden & The Maid of the Isle Front Cover - Ancient Scottish Tales
Front Cover - Hansel and Gretel (First Edition) Front Cover - Snow White and Rose Red Front Cover - Aschenputtel, the Little Ash Girl (First Editon)
Front Cover - Snow White (Illustrated) Front Cover - Cendrillon and the Glass Slipper (Illustrated) Front Cover - The Little Mermaid (Illustrated)
The Four Seasons
Sintram & His Companions: Winter [The Four Seasons #1] Undine, The Water Sprite: Spring [The Four Seasons #2] The Two Captains: Summer [The Four Seasons #3]
Aslauga's Knight: Autumn [The Four Seasons #4] The Four Seasons: Sintram & His Companions, Undine, The Two Captains & Aslauga's Knight [#1-4] Sintram & His Companions (Illustrated)
Front Cover - Sara Crewe - The Little Princess