The English ‘Rumpelstiltskin’ Folktale


By Anna Walter Thomas

Adapted by Rachel Louise Lawrence


“If you have not guessed my name by month’s end, then you shall be mine!”


In this classic English folktale, the heroine eats too many pies, which leads to a misunderstanding and her marriage to a King who only wants her for her skills as a spinster! Desperate to save her life, she makes a deal with a diminutive, magical creature. Can she guess the name of her helper in time? Or will he succeed in claiming her as his own?


The sequel, The Gipsy Woman, is set a year later and finds the Queen once more charged with the task of spinning five skeins, daily, for a month. Help arrives in the form of a gipsy woman but can she be trusted?

This book contains two versions of each tale: one in modern-day English, and the other, as told originally, in the dialect of East Anglia.

[Folklore Type: ATU-500 (The Name of the Helper) & ATU-501 (The Three Spinners)]

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