Front Cover - Sinderela, The Little Cinder Girl



The Welsh Gypsy 'Cinderella' Fairytale


By Matthew Wood

Collected and Translated by John Sampson

Adapted by Rachel Louise Lawrence


“One slipper will fall from your foot, and the Prince will come after you and find it.”


Scorned by her two elder sisters, Sinderela is forced to hide in the coal-hole so no one can see her. After she overhears her sisters talking about a Prince, Sinderela finds help in the guise of an old beggar woman who shows her a secret door, inside which are the means to transform her into a lady so grand no one would recognise her. When one of Sinderela’s golden slippers falls from her foot, her life is changed forever, but her elder sister is determined to make sure Sinderela never gets her happy-ever-after with her Prince.


A Cinderella tale with a twist, this Welsh-Rómani fairytale was one of many collected by the esteemed linguist John Sampson from the dramatic storyteller, Matthew Wood. To discover more about the fate of Sinderela and her family, look no further than this English adaption.


[Folklore Type: ATU-510 (Cinderella and Catskin) and ATU-707 (The Bird of Truth)]


Print Length: 32 pages

Publisher: Blackdown Publications

Publication Date: 20 August 2019

ISBN-13: 978-1687479198


Print Length:29 pages

Publisher: Blackdown Publications

Publication Date: 19 August 2019