Front Cover - Persinette, The Maiden In The Tower



A French 'Rapunzel' Fairytale


By Charlotte-Rose de Caumont de la Force

Translated by Rachel Louise Lawrence


"Persinette, let down your hair."


The fairytale made famous by the Brothers Grimm in the guise of Rapunzel, Persinette is the earlier, more expansive French version of the 'Maiden in the Tower', penned by Mlle de la Force.


In a new translation, the author brings to life the tale of Persinette - a girl with long tresses of golden hair, raised then concealed in a silver tower by a fairy, only to be discovered by a prince - for an English-speaking audience to enjoy over and over again.


[Folklore Type: ATU-310 (The Maiden in the Tower)]


Goodreads - Assipattle and the Mester Stoorworm

Print Length: 21 pages
Publisher: Blackdown Publications

Publication Date: 12 October 2014