Sintram and His Companions, Undine, The Two Captains & Aslauga’s Knight


By Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué

Translated by Fanny Elizabeth Bunnett

Adapted by Rachel Louise Lawrence


These four tales were intended by the Author to be appropriate to the Four Seasons: the stern, grave “Sintram,” to winter; the tearful, smiling, fresh “Undine,” to spring; the torrid deserts of “The Two Captains,” to summer; and the sunset gold of “Aslauga’s Knight,” to autumn. Find all four tales in this omnibus volume, “The Four Seasons.”


Winter: “Sintram and His Companions”

From boyhood, Sintram must battle between the violent customs fostered by his father and the pious lifestyle adopted by his mother


Spring: “Undine, The Water Sprite”

An elemental being marries a human, the Knight Huldbrand, in order to gain a soul.


Summer: “The Two Captains”

The friendship of German Captain, Sir Heimbert of Waldhausen, and Spanish Captain, Don Frederigo Mendez, is tested by love and war.


Autumn: “Aslauga's Knight”

Ghosts and witches, magic and combat, abound in this knightly tale of chivalrous love and friendship.

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