Front Cover - Madame de Villeneuve's The Story of the Beauty and the Beast

Madame de Villeneuve's


The Original Classic French Fairytale


By Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot

de Villeneuve

Translated by James Robinson Planché

Adapted by Rachel Louise Lawrence


Think you know the story of 'Beauty and the Beast'? Think again!


This book contains the original tale by Madame de Villeneuve, first published in 1740, and although the classic elements of Beauty giving up her freedom to live with the Beast, during which time she begins to see beyond his grotesque appearance, are present, there is a wealth of rich back story to how the Prince became cursed and revelations about Beauty's parentage, which fail to appear in subsequent versions.


If you want to read the full story of Beauty and the Beast, look no further than this latest unabridged edition...


[Folklore Type: ATU-425C

(Beauty and the Beast)]


Paperback: 152 pages

Publisher: Blackdown Publications

Publication Date: 27 October 2014
ISBN-10: 1502992973
ISBN-13: 978-1502992970

Print Length: 148 pages

Publisher: Blackdown Publications

Publication Date: 04 February 2014