Information about Projects in the Works

  • Ongoing Project: to make all e-books available as paperbacks - the latest of which to be released is "Cendrillon and the Glass Slipper" by the end of December 2019
  • Latest Project: adapting Peter Buchan's collection of 14 North Country tales, which were collected between 1827-9 and printed in a limited run of 50 copies in 1908, and publishing them as "Ancient Scottish Tales: Traditional, Romantic & Legendary Folk and Fairy Tales of the Highlands" by December 2019
  • Upcoming Project: translating two first edition ATU-410: The Sleeping Beauty fairytales, 'Briar-Rose' and 'The Glass Coffin,' from Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm’s first edition of 'Kinder- und Hausmärchen' as "Briar-Rose, the Sleeping Beauty (First Edition): The Brothers Grimm Fairytale" by the end of February 2020
  • Planned Projects (that need more research before publication): these include "From Gold-Tree to Lasair Gheug: A Collection of Celtic 'Snow-White' Fairytales" and "From Scrapefoot to Goldilocks: The Story of the Three Bears"

Project for Website: Showcasing the ATU Classification of Folktales as a reference guide