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Audiobook Cover - Hansel and Gretel

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The Original Brothers Grimm 'Cinderella' Fairytale


“Go to the little tree on your mother’s grave. Shake it and wish for beautiful clothes, but come back before midnight.”


In the Brothers Grimm’s version of a persecuted heroine’s struggle to escape the hardships she experiences following her widowed father’s marriage to a cruel woman with two beautiful but mean daughters, there are impossible tasks and helpful birds, a new name and an ash-dress, a Prince and three balls, a wish-tree and dresses of silver and gold. Can Aschenputtel find happiness and a future full of promise, or will her family succeed in keeping her as their cinder maid?


In one book, experience new translations of the first and seventh versions of Aschenputtel (Cinderella) alongside Allerleirauh (All Kinds of Fur), a close variant from the ‘Cinderella Cycle’ of fairytales. Also included is another ATU-510 type fairytale, The True Bride, taken from the final edition of the Brothers Grimm’s Children’s and Household Tales.


[Folklore Type: ATU-510: Cinderella and Catskin – A + B (Persecuted Heroine + Unnatural Love)]


Paperback: 11 January 2021, 104 pgs [ISBN: 979-8590909308]

Kindle: 15 January 2021, 63 pgs [ASIN: B08S48F49B]

eBook: 15 January 202, 67 pgs [GGKEY: YACPUKB86QE]

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The Original Brothers Grimm Fairytale


The dwarf glared at the girls with his red fiery eyes and shouted,

“What are you standing there for? Can you not come over here and help me?”


As different as winter and summer, Snow White and Rose Red are as devoted to each other as sisters can be. One night, an unexpected visitor knocks at the door of their cottage, where they live cosily with their mother, and a half-frozen large black bear asks for a warm place to rest. Initially afraid of him, the girls soon befriend him and he becomes their playfellow throughout the winter nights.


When spring arrives, the bear heads off into the forest to guard his treasures from wicked dwarfs, who live underground and emerge from their caves when the earth has thawed and who have one ambition in mind—to steal. A short while after the bear’s departure, the girls encounter a dwarf in distress and stop to help him, but there is more to him than meets the eye…


Alongside this tale by the Brothers Grimm is The Ungrateful Dwarf, the 1818 folktale by Karoline Stahl, upon which Wilhelm Grimm drew inspiration for Snow White and Rose Red. Both tales are presented in this book, newly translated into English.


[Folklore Type: ATU-426 (The Two Girls, the Bear, and the Dwarf)]


Paperback: 30 October 2020, 36 pgs [ISBN: 979-8555803399]

Kindle: 05 November 2020, 26 pgs [ASIN: B08MB5D6MS]

eBook: 05 November 2020, 25 pgs [GGKEY: A9ZUEET16W3]

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The Original Brothers Grimm Fairytale


“Nibble, nibble, little louse!

Who is nibbling at my house?


Translated from the first edition, experience the tale of Hansel and Gretel in its original form, as brother and sister are abandoned in a great forest by their parents, only to discover that someone far more sinister than wild animals awaits them…


The final version of this classic fairytale—from the seventh and ultimate edition of the Brothers Grimm’s Children's and Household Tales—is also included. With these latest English translations, the original and final versions can be read back-to-back, showcasing the ever-evolving nature of fairytales.


[Folklore Type: ATU-327A (The Children with the Witch) + ATU-1121 (The Ogre’s Wife Burned in Her Own Oven)]


Paperback: 07 January 2020, 46 pgs [ISBN: 978-1657234604]

Kindle: 06 January 2020, 41 pgs [ASIN: B083LJ1YYB]

eBook: 07 February 2020, 31 pgs [GGKEY: HAG2ZWKKWW3]

Audible: 23 June 2020, 31 mins

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Front Cover - Ancient Scottish Tales


Traditional, Romantic & Legendary Folk and Fairy Tales of the Highlands


I wish that the Brown Bull of Ringlewood would come and carry me off.”


In this collection of folk and fairy tales from the Scottish Highlands, we are transported to an enchanted world of persecuted heroines and courageous heroes, scheming stepmothers and monstrous beasts, swan maidens and talking cats, murderous robbers and thieving giants, benevolent fairies and mysterious strangers, and much more…


Whether it is a tale of romance or revenge, legend or magic, this unabridged anthology—collected by the folklorist, Peter Buchan—has a story for everyone and is essential reading for lovers of classic Scottish folktales.


Tales: The Red Etin; The Young Prince; The History of Mr Greenwood; The Cruel Stepmother; Rashen Coatie; The Brown Bull of Ringlewood; The Thriftless Wife; Green Sleeves; The Princess with the White Petticoat; The Black Cat; The Widow’s Son and the Old Man; The Widow’s Son and the King’s Daughter; The King of Morocco; and The Princess of the Blue Mountains


Paperback: 09 December 2019, 98 pgs [ISBN: 978-1671813830]

Kindle: 08 December 2019, 79 pgs [ASIN: B082J5K29Q]

eBook: 16 December 2019, 107 pgs [GGKEY: G0Z0Q9NBU6Y]

Audible: 29 July 2020, 2 hrs 25

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