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Front Cover - Ancient Scottish Tales


Traditional, Romantic & Legendary Folk and Fairy Tales of the Highlands


I wish that the Brown Bull of Ringlewood would come and carry me off.”


In this collection of folk and fairy tales from the Scottish Highlands, we are transported to an enchanted world of persecuted heroines and courageous heroes, scheming stepmothers and monstrous beasts, swan maidens and talking cats, murderous robbers and thieving giants, benevolent fairies and mysterious strangers, and much more…


Whether it is a tale of romance or revenge, legend or magic, this unabridged anthology—collected by the folklorist, Peter Buchan—has a story for everyone and is essential reading for lovers of classic Scottish folktales.


Tales: The Red Etin; The Young Prince; The History of Mr Greenwood; The Cruel Stepmother; Rashen Coatie; The Brown Bull of Ringlewood; The Thriftless Wife; Green Sleeves; The Princess with the White Petticoat; The Black Cat; The Widow’s Son and the Old Man; The Widow’s Son and the King’s Daughter; The Black King of Morocco; and The Princess of the Blue Mountains


Paperback: 09 December 2019, 98 pgs, ISBN: 978-1671813830

Kindle: 08 December 2019, 116 pgs, ASIN: B082J5K29Q