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Front Cover - The Little Mermaid (Unabridged) Front Cover - The Little Mermaid (Illustrated)


The Classic Danish Fairytale


Hans Christian Andersen (author)

Montague Rhodes James and Hans Lien Braekstad (translators)

Rachel Louise Lawrence (adapter)


“More and more, she came to love humans; more and more, she wished she could rise up among them.”


The youngest daughter of the Sea King cannot wait to be old enough to go to the surface and see the world of humans. Her first visit there changes her life forever when she saves a prince from drowning, and comes to love him above all others. For the chance to win his love and gain an immortal soul, the little sea princess is willing to risk everything…


First published in 1837, Hans Christian Andersen’s haunting tale of love is brought to an English readership in this unabridged edition, which has been translated directly from the original Danish into English.


The illustrated edition contains illustrations by Ivan Bilibin


Unabridged Edition

Paperback: 16 July 2019, 44pgs

[ISBN: 978-1072327301]

Kindle: 15 July 2019, 50pgs


Illustrated Edition

Paperback: 18 July 2019, 44 pgs

[ISBN: 978-1081319540]

Kindle: 17 July 2019, 57 pgs


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