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The John Sampson Collection


British Romani Folk and Fairy Tales

Book 1


Recorded and Translated by John Sampson

Narrated by Matthew Wood, Harry 'Turpin' Wood, Cornelius Price, Wasti Gray, and Johnny Gray

Selected and Adapted by Rachel Louise Lawrence


“I came here to seek the leaves that hung but never grew.”


Enter a magical world where ogres and dwarfs exist, enchantments and quests abound, and robbers and witches wreck havoc on heroes and heroines alike in this essential collection of over 40 folk and fairy tales that nurture and sustain the collective memory of the Roma.


Often shared through the exploits of one of the most popular figures found in folktales, a lad named Jack, come and join him as he saves the King of the Fishes and marries the Queen of the Fairies, battles giants and dragons, and much more.


Rooted in the oral tradition made infamous by the Brothers Grimm, discover variants of famous folktales, including those of Cinderella and Aladdin, Hansel and Gretel and Snow White, alongside other tales recounting stories of Master Thieves and Robber Bridegrooms, Wonder Childs and Dragon Slayers.


This collection is a treasure trove of distinctive folk and fairy tales recorded by the folklorist, John Sampson, and narrated by members of the Wood family of North Wales, Cornelius Price of South Wales, and the English husband and wife duo of Johnny and Wasti Gray.


Tales: The Green Man of No Man’s Land; Frosty and His Extraordinary Companions; Goggle-Eyes and the Cinder Lad; Skin and Bones; Jack and His Cudgel; The Gallant Highwayman; Jack and the King of the Fishes; Falling Snow; Foolish Jack and His Many Wishes; The Strong Son; The Leaves That Hung But Never Grew; Jack and His Lantern; The Horse That Dropped Gold; The Pig Maid; The Eighteen Rabbits; The Old Broom-Maker; The Three Priests; The Bottle of Black Water; The Black Madonna; The Shoemaker; Winter; The Fool with the Sheep; The Little Old Woman and Her Little Pig; The Fairy Bride; The Master Thief; The Little Crop-tailed Hen; The Man and Woman with Too Many Children; The Black Enchanted Castle; The Maid of the Mill; The World at Well’s End; The Old Smith; The Three Sisters; The Squirrel and the Fox; Laula, the Gallant Bridegroom; Sinderela, the Little Cinder Girl; The Fiery Dragon; The Black Dog of the Wild Forest; Ashypelt; Jack and His Master; The Tinker and His Wife; The Little Fox; Bobby Rag; The Little Bull-Calf


Paperback: 17 August 2022, 230 pgs [ISBN: 979-8846994539]

Kindle: 17 August 2022, 263 pgs [ASIN: B0B9YDG613]

eBook: 18 August 2022, 268 pgs [GGKEY: RK6EJ504RB1]

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