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Front Cover - Sinderela, The Little Cinder Girl Front Cover - Fair, Brown and Trembling Front Cover - The Snow-White Maiden & The Maid of the Isle


Wales: Sinderela, The Little Cinder Girl

Ireland: Fair, Brown and Trembling

Scotland: The Snow-White Maiden


Scorned by her two elder sisters, Sinderela is forced to hide in the coal-hole so no one can see her. After she overhears her sisters talking about a Prince, Sinderela finds help in the guise of an old beggar woman who shows her a secret door, inside which are the means to transform her into a lady so grand no one would recognise her. When one of Sinderela’s golden slippers falls from her foot, her life is changed forever, but her elder sister is determined to make sure Sinderela never gets her happy-ever-after with her Prince.


More beautiful than her two elder sisters, Trembling is not allowed to go out of the house for fear that she might marry before them. Even after the Prince of Omanya falls in love with the eldest, she fears their wrath if she should attend church. However, with the magical assistance of an unassuming henwife, Trembling is able to wear such finery and arrive in such style that not even her sisters recognise her. As word of the mysterious beautiful lady spreads throughout the world, princes and great men come to see her and gain her hand. When one suitor gains the means to identify her by way of a lost shoe, the search is on, but who will succeed in discovering her true identity and what will it mean for Trembling and her sisters?


When the king’s son comes to the region, the stepmother and half-sisters of The Snow-White Maiden deny her request to attend church to see the Prince. However, with the assistance of Cantrips and her Enchantment Wand, she sees the Prince and catches his eye. When he follows her, succeeds in stealing her golden shoe, and vows to marry the one it fits, her sister is willing to go to great lengths to prevent the Snow-White Maiden from enjoying her happy ever after…



Paperback: 20 August 2019, 32 pgs, ISBN: 978-1687479198

Kindle: 19 August 2019, 29 pgs, ASIN: B07WSQFQV2


Paperback: 23 August 2019, 34 pgs, ISBN: 978-1688248991

Kindle: 22 August 2019, 22 pgs, ASIN: B07WXKNHQ5


Paperback: 16 September 2019, 50 pgs, ISBN: 978-1693530296

Kindle: 15 September 2019, 36 pgs, ASIN: B07XM7JQSQ