Richard Scholz (1860-1939)

German painter and illustrator

Christian Wilhelm Ernst Richard Scholz was a German painter and illustrator, born in Hanover in 1860 to Bernhard Scholz—a theatre director, conductor, and composer—and Marie Luise Seyler. He studied with Ernst Hildebrand from 1887-80 at the Karlsruhe University of Art. His work was influenced by the painter Karl Gussow, whom he met in 1880. Scholz was married to Agnes, a daughter of his colleague, Hans Gude. Professionally, as a professor and painter, he went to Dresden in 1894 and Munch in 1898. Among many things, he illustrated children’s books, such as an edition of Hansel and Gretel (1904) for the Mainz publisher, Josef Scholz. At the annual exhibition in the Glaspalast in Munich, he exhibited works in 1890 and 1898.