Franz Jüttner (1865-1926)

German illustrator, draftsman, and cartoonist

The son of a cooper, Franz Albert Jüttner was essentially self-taught as a draftsman and cartoonist. After school, he worked as a draftsman before becoming a decorative painter and reproducing artist in a lithographic institute in 1880, after moving to where his older brother lived in Berlin. He developed into an illustrator under Ludwig Burger, and although his hoped-for success as a painter was denied him, he became one of the star artists of the satirical journal, Lustigen Blätter. In addition to his thousands of cartoons, he left behind other artistic works—oil paintings and drawings, for example for children’s books. On medical advice, he moved in 1918 to Wolfenbüttel, where he was a respected member of society. He died unexpectedly on 1 May 1926.